3 Things to Know About Ced-Rel Supper Club

Learn the history of a great steakhouse in Cedar Rapids, IA

Ced-Rel Supper Club is more than just a steakhouse. We have a rich and interesting history in the Cedar Rapids, Iowa area. Here are a few things to know about your favorite dinner restaurant:

We’re the oldest supper club in Cedar Rapids, Iowa and one of the nation’s most iconic restaurants of its kind. Ced-Rel Supper Club opened for business in the early 1900s.
Our building used to be a gas station. It was used for a few illegal activities, including gambling and drinking alcohol, during the Prohibition era.
Ced-Rel Supper Club has changed owners twice. In 1935, Verline and Isabelle Sedrel bought the property and started cooking delicious steaks and seafood. In 2014, April Urell became our new owner. She’s been a server here at Ced-Rel Supper Club since 2003.

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Keep the history of Ced-Rel Supper Club alive

Keep the history of Ced-Rel Supper Club alive

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